Ben 10 Online Games

  • spore attack
    Spore Attack

    An imminent danger can destroy the planet earth. The spores are multiplying fast and will cause a rash. Fly over the forest and throw talcum powder over the enemies!

  • Jetray: In Too Deep
    Jetray: In Too Deep

    Jetray will make a trip in the deepest ocean waters. Many dangers and obstacles will occur in his way, avoid the aliens and the hazards and set a new record!

  • Saving Sparksville
    Saving Sparksville

    A new danger threatens Sparksville. Megawatt needs electricity to increase his powers, and will destroy the hydroelectric dam, defeat him now!

  • Underworld

    Hey Ben10, you have 24 hours to save Gwen from the Kevin's hands! Your mission is difficult, go underworld, fight against the enemies and find the right way!

  • Hero Matrix
    Hero Matrix

    Do you like aliens? Use your imagination and create your own alien, make a unique alien and print the image and show it to your friends.

  • Omni Match
    Omni Match

    This is a matching cards game with Ben10 images. Swap cards to create at least 3 matching tiles. Earn bonus points for 4 or more matching cards.

  • Grey Matter's Polarity
    Grey Matter's Polarity

    Grey Matters needs your help! The molecules are trying to reach him, stop them! Match three molecules of the same color to destroy the virus!

  • Blockade Blitz
    Blockade Blitz

    Ben10 wants to play the ball. Move him with your mouse and try to destroy blocks hitting them with the ball. Collecting bonuses will give you hero powers!

  • Hero Hoops
    Hero Hoops

    Ben 10 loves basketball! Train him to be able to score as many baskets as you can! Don't miss bonus baskets, will help you to get a higher score!

  • Savage Pursuit
    Savage Pursuit

    Ben10 is in danger! Doctor Animo wants to steal his Omnitrix, Ben needs your help. Use your special abilities to defeat the mutants and stop Animo!

  • Power Splash
    Power Splash

    Ben10 goes in a mission to save his cousin kidnapped by some criminals. He use his special powers and goes in the water to rescue his cousin.

  • Critical Impact
    Critical Impact

    An apocalyptic meteor rain will destroy the earth. Ben is the only one who can save the planet. Use special powers like Heatblast or Ghostfreak to destroy meteors.

  • Cavern Run
    Cavern Run

    Help Ben10 to find the right way in the cavern. Draw with your laser platforms or walls to guide him and don't forget to collect the bonus points.

  • Krakken Attack
    Krakken Attack

    A monster called Krakken comes from the deep waters and threaten the city. Use your weappons to kill him and watch out for its deadly fire!

  • Alien Hunter
    Alien Hunter

    The planet has been invaded by aliens. Ben 10 is the hero and he is trying to catch them. He will have to overcome many obstacles on different stages.

  • Bakugan Fight
    Bakugan Fight

    Ben is a good fighter and in this game he must defeat Bakugan. They are going in the boxing ring to fight. Choose one of them and start playing.

  • Dress Up
    Dress Up

    This evening Ben meets Gwen, help him to choose the right clothes. You can change his haircut, his T-shirts, pants or his shoes.

  • Fix My Tiles
    Fix My Tiles

    This is a puzzle game with Ben ten heroes. Is not exactly a classic puzzle, you get one piece, put it on the right place and press the red button to get another one.

  • Monster Cards
    Monster Cards

    Ben must defeat the monsters and needs your help. Put your memory on a test and find the pairs of the cards as fast as you can, watch out, the time goes faster!

  • Ninja

    Do you want to be a ninja? Take your katana sword and start fighting! If this is your first time playing with a sword you can easily be defeated, be careful!

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun

    Vigax captured Grandpa and is asking to deliver the Omnitrix in exchange of his release. Choose your favorite hero, eliminate all the enemies and rescue your friend.

  • Total Battle
    Total Battle

    This is a kind of matching tiles game. The figures are with monsters pictures and you must match at least 3 tiles to remove them. You have limited time!

  • Alien Match
    Alien Match

    Another memory game with Ben10 and aliens. This is a little different from clasic games, here you can see cards for a few seconds before starting.

  • Memory

    An interesting matching cards with alien pictures. You are rewarded with 100 points when you find a pair, and you get penalized when you click cards not matching.

  • Hard Bike
    Hard Bike

    Ben Ten bought a bike but he don't know so much about bikes, teach him how to jump over obstacles and don't let him fall. Try to complete all levels!

  • Find Differents
    Find Differents

    Focus on the alien images and try to find the differences as fast as you can! You have limited time, just few tens of seconds, and there are a lot of differences.

  • Alien Collect
    Alien Collect

    Click and destroy grouped aliens of the same kind. First levels are easy to complete, but on higher levels will be really hard to find groups with same kind aliens.

  • Addition

    Are you a real Ben ten fan and you like math? Click on the right answer and move fast to get more time and make a higher score. This game needs your attention!

  • Shooting Game
    Shooting Game

    This shooting game will make you click like crazy! Aliens are moving fast, don't let them to escape, put the target on them and shoot, destroy all of the aliens!

  • Ben 10 vs Robots
    Ben 10 vs Robots

    Vilga'x robots are trying to catch Ben ten, help him to escape! Run fast, collect life and points, avoid obstacles and robots appearing in your way.

  • Speedy Runner
    Speedy Runner

    Hey Ben, there are crystals everywhere around you, run, jump and collect as much as you can! Be careful do not fall in the gaps, jump from a cliff to another.

  • Characters

    A classic puzzle with your favorite hero Ben 10. Choose the image you want to reconstruct and start playing. You can choose from 3 nice images.

  • Longbow

    Ben have a longbow and is training to be fit. Try to break as many ballons as you can, calculate the power of the wind and the power of the longbow.

  • Helix

    This is a kind of zuma with alien figures. Match at least 3 figures to destroy them. You must to be very fast to resist more time and make a great score.

  • Helix
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