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Urban Rivals is an online trading card game available for PC, iPhone and Android. It is free to play, though cards can also be purchased with real money. Cards have a comic book art style and there are hundreds of them with new ones added regularly. Battles are fought one on one and the cards used in each fight gain experience points, allowing them to gradually level up. Some cards have more levels than others (the most being 5), and as they gain levels they become stronger and the picture on the card changes to reflect the characters increase in power. Players can also gain levels themselves by winning battles and as they level up they gain access to more modes and features, such as guilds which allow players to group together and socialise.
As well as stand-alone battles the game features tournaments and other events. Winning battles or placing highly in tournaments rewards players with credits which can be used to purchase more cards (although cards can also be bought and sold in an auction house).
The card game at its heart is fairly simple, with four cards being drawn from each player’s deck at random at the start of the match. Cards have different strengths and special skills available but with only four in play at once things never become too complex. However there is still room for some strategy, with counters and bluffs not being uncommon. With so few cards used in each match it also means games normally only last a few minutes, which makes it easy to fit in a game on your coffee break or in other small gaps around your commitments. Equally though longer play sessions are encouraged thanks to tournaments which require players to fight numerous battles.
Though it doesn’t have the depth of some trading card games, Urban Rivals is accessible and packed with cards and features. It is also very popular, so there is never a lack of other players.

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