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Every Day The Same Dream is a free bite sized art game playable in browsers. It has been described by its creator as ‘a short existential game about alienation and refusal of labour. Or, if you prefer, a playable music video,’ and both of those descriptions seem apt. The game has a bleak, black and white art style and see’s players taking control of an ordinary man living an ordinary life. He gets up, gets dressed, says’ goodbye to his wife, drives to work and types away till the end of the day and then it loops, playing out identically again and again. But it doesn’t have to, as the game inspires players to try and break the monotonous looping, and so on subsequent plays it becomes clear that it is possible to explore other parts of the world and perform other actions in an attempt to make things end differently. Some of the options are quite dark and the whole theme of the game is as bleak as the visuals suggest but it’s a haunting experience that will likely stay with you.
The interactive music video description comes thanks to the catchy haunting music that plays throughout. It fits the art style and on screen action perfectly and as the game can be played to completion in around twenty minutes it could almost be a long music video.
Every Day The Same Dream is as much a piece of art as it is a game, it is experimental and may not appeal to everyone, but as it’s free and so short it is absolutely worth giving it a try.

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