Evolution of Video Games        

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If you are defining a video game, it is basically an interaction with a user interface and the feedback is given to a video device. Video games became popular in the eighties and nineties. Atari, Nintendo, Sony etc. were some of the most popular brands which sold consoles for video games. These video game consoles could be connected to the television. They also had a joystick which was used to play the game.
With the improvements in technology, faster computers and better quality hardware brought about the era of PC games. Games had to be installed on the computer. They were played with the help of the keyboard or a joystick connected to the computer. Hand held video games also became very popular. People played games alone or with a virtual opponent.
As the popularity of the internet grew, high speed internet became available to everyone. Online games became very popular. People could play online games alone or with an opponent from anywhere across the globe. These games became popular owing to the fact that people could actually play with opponents and also talk to them at the same time.
Today, online games have become a phenomenal success. They have enabled people to earn huge amounts of money. Games like Texas Holdem Poker, Farmville and Angry Birds etc have become legendary games. With the development of technology, these games have been seamlessly integrated into devices like mobile phones and hand held PCs. While most online games are free of cost, some of them charge a small fee from people.

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