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One of the highly anticipated games of the year recently released a debut teaser video to whet the appetites of gamers worldwide. 2012 marks the return of the Max Payne franchise with Max Payne 3 set to be released this spring. Brought to you by Rockstar Games, the people behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Max Payne marks the return of the storied gaming series after a turbulent nine year absence in which the Max Payne story switched developers from Remedy Entertainment.
With this beingImage By: jdxyw the Max Payne series' first foray into next-generation gaming, one look at the preview will let you know that Rockstar let it all hang out graphics-wise. The visuals are the first thing to grab your attention, with great attention to detail and a gritty realism that fans have come to expect from the developers at Rockstar.
Taking into consideration the extended absence of the franchise, Rockstar have chosen not to lean too closely on the franchises past and leaves the door open for the newer gamers who may not have had any previous experience of Max Payne or his life. Starting some years after his last foray, this game will provide a new take on the Max Payne story so this iteration of Max will be new for both old and new gamers alike.
For the veteran gamers, you can expect to see the return of Bullet Time shooting and the dark graphic novel styling of storytelling that set the franchise apart from the rest way back when, coupled with many new features including Multiplayer (with a Multiplayer version of Bullet Time included). It's been a while since Max Payne was on the minds of gamers and Max Payne 3 marks a return to form to what you can be sure is the first in the rebirth of the Max Payne series.

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