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Image By: PopCultureGeek.comWith the NBA Playoffs in full swing, many basketball fans worldwide turn to the 2K series to add to their basketball fix and as one of the leaders in the sports gaming market, Visual Concepts does not disappoint with NBA 2k12. Last year's game marked the return to video games of the King himself; Michael Jordan and many fans thought 2K would struggle to top their monumental game.
In keeping with the theme of the return of legends, 2K goes two steps further, adding the Boston Celtics hero Larry Bird and the Los Angeles Laker icon Earvin ‘Magic' Johnson to the series as the faces of a large influx of legends of the past; over 50 to be exact from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Fans of the game can purchase a copy with one of the three main legends on the cover so whoever you are a fan of, your favourite legend can take place on your game shelf.
Adding to the many legends, there is also a new feature called the Legends Showcase which serves almost as a mini game of its own within the main game of NBA 2k12. Using legends such as an in-his-prime Shaquille O'Neal or Jordan and Pippen, you can take to the streets playing a host of legends 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, playing your way through the NBA, beating other legends and unlocking more teams.
Online play is also much improved, which will be a definite plus to players of past NBA 2k games who found the lagging and stuttering too much to take. Smoother animations and even more control over the movement of your player provide an immersive feel to the game and one of the most realistic sports games on the market.
Game Rating: 9/10

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