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Online gaming has come a long way. It has become a business for many people. People also use online gaming as a platform for speculation and betting. There are many legal and illegal forums which allow online gaming and betting. Internet gambling is also known as igambling.
Some of the most popular gambling platforms are:
• Texas Holdem Poker: Texas Holdem Poker has created a platform for playing multiplayer poker in an environment similar to that of a real casino. They can make money in the form of chips. Real time money is also offered as tournament fees.
• Online casinos: there are many casinos online which allow users to play games like black jack, roulette, baccarat and many other games. Most casinos allow gambling using real money.
• Online Bingo: The game of Bingo has been popular all over the world. Online Bingo uses random number generators to generate numbers.
• Lotteries: There are many online lotteries which are both legal and illegal depending on which sites you use.
You may also go online to bet on races and other sporting events. Most players use credit cards or debit cards to buy virtual chips and other online gaming services. Winnings are directly transferred to the credit card. Bigger amounts need wire transfers from banks. Paypal, Moneybookers and many other money transfer services are also used to make transactions.
Though many countries across the globe prohibit the use of wire transfer services for the purpose of sports betting, the laws of most countries are unsure about their stance on online gambling.

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