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Online gaming has had a huge psychological impact on the people of today. There are a lot of mixed opinions about what people think or believe about online games. Many people say that online gaming is replacing actual outdoor games. This is not really good because online games do not involve any sort of physical activity.
Orthopaedics and psychologists say that extensive online gaming promoted ambidextrous behaviour in human beings; meaning that it enables extensive online gamers to use both their hands with equal ease. It also improves motor skills in people.
Image By: joo0eyPlaying MMPORG games increases emotional activity in a human being. It makes them experience a wide gamut of emotions which they have never experienced before. For example, a human being may have never fear animals or monsters, in real life. By experiencing such emotions by role playing, they become more equipped to handle them. Research has also shown that the emotions experienced while role playing are very strong in most occurrences. They also feel leadership qualities when they assume a particular role.
On the negative side, many people believe that online gaming should not really be encouraged. Playing too many violent games inculcates a negative streak in the player. It promotes violence and aggressive behaviour. Children should not really be allowed to play violent role playing games. Games like Virtual Tennis can be played by children.
There is a lot of research going on about the psychological impact of role playing games on users. Other emotions felt are competition, motivation, co-operation and achievement. Most people also experience an adrenalin rush while playing several RP games.

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