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A large number of board games have made their way from the table to computer screens and in many ways it’s a natural fit. Though there will always be an inherent appeal to playing a game around a table with friends and family, the reality is that you don’t always have three or four other people at hand who want to play. Playing online solves that problem as you can join a game with random people from around the world. While many board games can now be played this way, here are some of the best:
Monopoly Millionaires – This is a Facebook game and is a fairly straightforward take on the classic boardgame ‘Monopoly’. A large number of players can play together in one game and the graphics are quite attractive, adding details that are absent on the original board game, such as grass on vacant plots, and railway lines coming out of stations.
Chess – There are many online versions of this iconic game. Some see players competing against the computer while others are multi-player, there are even a few that change the designs of the chess pieces and board to give them for example a fantasy or science fiction theme and others that show battles taking place between two pieces. However fancy graphics or not they all play more or less the same, which is to say the same way chess has always been played.
Mahjong – As with chess, there are numerous online versions of this old Chinese game. With both four player versions and single player Mahjong solitaire versions, you can play this alone, with friends or with random players. One of the most popular versions is housed on Facebook, but a quick Google search will turn up others.

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