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With the advent of technology, the world of online games is becoming more and more complex. Adults and children all love playing online games. Gone are the days when the game developer themselves did everything right from conceptualising to designing and programming. Developing a game today requires a great deal of skill, immense knowledge, infrastructure and a good team. You also need capital to develop games.
Since game development is no longer cheap, the way it used to be, most games have some sort of a revenue model ready. While most of them charge some sort of a fee from people who wish to play. Games like Texas Holdem Poker sell chips and other merchandise to earn money. Some companies often rely on advertising for their main source of income. The legendary Angry Birds sold 12 million copies from the Apple app store.
Recently, Age of Conan went unchained implying that this game is now free of cost to its users. Initially, the whole game had to be paid for. Now, a part of the game is available free of cost. Avid users may also purchase the premium version of it. This game has breathtaking graphics. The recreation of the world in this game is hard to believe. People often find themselves becoming addicted to this game, an addiction with they find difficult to rid of. Another game expected to release in the next year is Neverwinter. It is based on role play and the dungeons and dragons city of Neverwinter. This game is expecting a cross media launch by the makers.

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