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It looks like 2012 is going to be yet another awesome year for games fans everywhere with all kinds of great titles on the way in the next twelve months. Here are a few of the standouts that you should be looking forward to and a little bit of information to let you plan your purchasing over the next year. 
Mass Effect 3: One of the most Image By: SobControllershyped of all this year's releases is set to be the third instalment in the Mass Effect series. Putting the player in a world which has become over-run by an ancient alien race known as The Reaper, Mass Effect 3 is a live or die fight for the survival of the planet. With a whole galaxy of playability on offer, with a hugely story centric narrative which allows the moral decisions of the player to effect the world as much as their actions.
Street Fighter x Tekken: What could be more exciting for fans of fighting games than the coming together of two of the genres greatest titles. These two names are enough to enthuse any gamer so putting them side by side could well result in the greatest fighting game of all time. The game will take the look and world of Streetfighter (with Capcom's traditional 2-D viewpoint and hyperactive, cartoonish graphics) but will also feature all of Tekken's most famous characters. This will not mean watering down their capabilities or style, however – though they will be somewhat reimaging for the Streetfighter universe, the cast of Tekken will retain their unique fighting skills and moves.
Bioshock Infinite: Perhaps the most salivated over game which is being planned for release this year, the third instalment in the revolutionary Bioshock series isn't due until next December but, such is the popularity of the franchise, that it already has people on the edge of their seats. Shots and stills are still very much under wraps but reports are that it will take the series out of the underwater city and into a floating city known as Columbia.

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